Construction Update

Enhanced Recreation Area


The second phase of construction for the Enhanced Recreation Area is well underway. Approximately 90% of the planned 5,000 truckloads of dirt have been relocated from the Drescher Campus to the Marie Canyon area. Dirt hauling is on track to be completed before the start of the fall semester, and as seen in the photo below, the new recreation field space is taking shape.

MCD07-02 Image 2 Construction Update 17_0717

Later this week we will begin making large deliveries to the Drescher Balance Pad to build a temporary construction staging area there. This staging area will be used for contractor parking for the Seaside Residence Hall project during the school year to minimize parking impacts on the campus community.

MCD07-02 Image 1 Construction Update 17_0717

All of the more disruptive work associated with this project is on track to be completed before the Seaver New Student Orientation. Construction activities associated with landscape and irrigation will take place as planned during the fall semester, which will enable us to bring the new recreation area online in the Spring of 2018.

We will be providing periodic updates on our progress as well as additional information regarding specific impacts throughout the course of the project. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We welcome your questions, and look forward to ongoing collaboration with the community as campus construction activity continues this summer.

For questions or comments, please call our office at 310-506-4581, or email We are also Tweeting updates regularly, so please follow us: @PepConstruction