Construction Update

Payson Library


Construction on the Payson library project is proceeding well with the project remaining on track for completion ahead of the Fall 2017 semester. We are currently preparing for crane activity at Payson Library on Wednesday, March 1st that will necessitate impacting additional areas around the project. The crane will stage in the Payson/TAC loading dock, and be lifting new air conditioning equipment for Payson Library.

Between the hours of 7am and 11am on Wednesday, March 1st the areas highlighted in blue below will be closed:

  • Work will necessitate closing the bridge into the 3rd floor of TAC.
  • The walkway under the bridge into the 2nd floor of TAC will remain open.
  • The ramp into the Payson/TAC loading dock will be closed, including all to all parking spaces.
  • Pendleton Computer Center will be empty of all staff during this work.
  • The stair and path between the East Chapel Lot up to the 1st floor of TAC will remain open.


pay04-01 library remodel 17_0222


We will be providing periodic updates on our progress, as well as additional information regarding specific impacts, throughout the course of the project. We appreciate your interest and patience, welcome any of your questions, and look forward to ongoing collaboration with the community as the increased level of construction activity continues through 2018.

For questions or comments, please call our office at 310-506-4581, or email We are also Tweeting updates regularly, so please follow us: @PepConstruction