Construction Update

SCE Power Outage - Scheduled for Saturday, 7/8/17


Southern California Edison (SCE) has scheduled a Malibu campus-wide power outage for Saturday, July 8th, between 8am and 8pm. SCE will be modernizing and enhancing portions of their 45-year-old electrical infrastructure systems to ensure future campus needs are met. These improvements will also help avoid unscheduled power outages in the future.

Based on what SCE has confirmed, we expect that the power outage will impact all of the buildings highlighted in blue on the map below. Parking lots and electric vehicle charging stations adjacent to these buildings will also be affected.

Typical campus services will be at minimal levels during the outage so we recommend that you only be on campus if absolutely necessary.


SCE Power Outage - Scheduled for Saturday, 7/8/17


Another SCE outage will be scheduled during the Christmas break period, likely December 27th. Details on this outage will be shared as soon as they are available. We are working in close coordination with SCE to ensure that the impacts of both these outages are minimized where possible.

We will be providing periodic updates on our progress as well as additional information regarding specific impacts throughout the course of the project. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We welcome your questions, and look forward to ongoing collaboration with the community as campus construction activity ramps up this summer.

For questions or comments, please call our office at 310-506-4581, or email We are also Tweeting updates regularly, so please follow us: @PepConstruction