Seaside Residence Hall

Project Description

This project is part of the Campus Life Project. The New Residence Hall is an exciting new student residence hall that will be built on the current site of Upsilon parking lot and the two adjacent, existing 50-bed residence halls - we will demolish Dewey (Upsilon) House and Morgan (Tau) House.

It will contain 458 beds in suite-style housing, resulting in a total of 358 net new student beds for the University. Responsive to student needs and preferences, the new residence hall is planned to include a community kitchen and lounge areas, a workout room, a centralized study room, and ample outdoor gathering spaces for large and intimate groups.


Summer 2016: Infrastructure Relocation
December 2016 – August 2018: Construction

Impacted Areas*

  • Upsilon Parking Lot
  • Rho Parking Lot
  • Track Parking Lot
  • Dewey (Upsilon) House
  • Morgan (Tau) House
  • Noise in surrounding areas

*Not every space, and not every portion of each space will be affected at the same time, or to the same degree. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis during the project.