Starting the week of January 15th 
Call 310-506-4210 or email to sign up!

Stress Less
Mondays at 11, Tuesdays at 2, Wednesdays at 11

This is a one-time workshop that will focus on building a healthy foundation to stand strong and ready for whatever life throws at you. We will explore various physical, mental, emotional, relational, personal, and spiritual practices that will help you move toward deeper experiences of joy, confidence, and fulfillment in your life.  

Expressive Arts 
Thursdays at 5

Do you find it therapeutic to draw, paint, or create?  The Expressive Arts Group provides a creative outlet for students to create, as well as a time for group processing and support.  No prior artistic background or skill is needed.  The group is not about the artistic value of the end product, but the process of expressing through visual art, and discovering more about oneself through the process.  Art materials will be provided.

Real Men Real Talk
Tuesdays at 3

Real Men, Real Talk is a group of men supporting one another as we wrestle with some of the challenges and pitfalls of emerging manhood. This group will provide a safe space for authentic and non-judgmental discussion as well as finding methods to learn healthier patterns of living.

Women�s Group
Tuesdays at 4

Women provide empathy, support, and feedback as they share their concerns. In this group topics vary but frequently include relationship concerns, family issues, stress, and the need for self-care. 

Mindfulness Group
Tuesdays at 5

Learn how to reduce your stress, regulate your mood, improve your concentration, and enhance your mental and physical health. Sessions will include practice and education in developing a regular meditation practice. 

Finding Peace
Wednesdays at 12

This group will give you practical strategies for improving the way you manage anxiety and depression. During sessions, you will practice strategies that will build a lifestyle that pursues peace. 

Eating Disorders Support Group
Contact Shelle Welty at

This group provides peer support for those working toward or sustaining recovery from an eating disorder. Please contact Shelle Welty for a brief meeting prior to group attendance.