Prevention & Outreach

Programs for RAs and SLAs

Counseling Center staff members welcome opportunities to help you with your programming efforts. We have found that some of the most frequent mental health concerns our students experience involve suicide, depression, emotional distress, mental illness, sexual assault, alcohol/drug abuse, eating issues, and difficulty with cultural adjustment. In responding to these concerns, we encourage you to use our web site as a resource to learn more about our counseling services and as a reference for other students.

Our site offers a number of on-line assessment and educational tools that you can use within your programming efforts or when you see that certain students in your hall would benefit from quality information about a certain topic. You'll want to check our site regularly for updates on events and groups that the Counseling Center offers and find places where you and your residents can connect into our services and activities.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on a program for your residence hall.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience and give us at least two weeks notice of your event if you'd like to have us come talk with you students. If you have any questions about this process or would like further assistance with ideas for topics or to set up a program please email Robert Scholz or call 310-506-4210.