Self-Help Tools: Interpersonal Skills Development

Each One of Us Has the Right to...

  • Say no to a request.
  • Not give other people reasons for every action we take.
  • Stop others from making excessive demands on us.
  • Ask other people to listen to our point of view when we speak to them.
  • Ask other people to correct errors they made which effect us.
  • Change our minds.
  • Ask other people to compromise rather than get only what they want.
  • Ask other people to do things for us.
  • Persist in making a request if people won't respond the first time.
  • Be alone if we wish.
  • Maintain our dignity in relationships.
  • Evaluate our own behaviors and not just listen to evaluations that others offer.
  • Make mistakes and accept responsibility for them.
  • Avoid manipulation by other people.
  • Pick our own friends without consulting our parents, peers, or anyone else.
  • Let other people know how we are feeling