Self-Help Tools: Personal Concerns

Coping with Anxiety

Practice Relaxation Techniques

A high-stress lifestyle necessitates some form of relaxation. You might want to try meditation, muscle relaxation, or visualization to unwind at the end of the day. If these techniques seem too cumbersome or time-consuming, find an enjoyable physical activity such as golf, tennis, or swimming.

Solve Your Problems

There is rarely one simple, right answer to your problems; thus it is usually necessary to consider alternate solutions. If you find yourself becoming more and more anxious about life problems, think about how someone you respect might solve them.

Take Action

There comes a time when we must make a decision and act on it. This frequently reduces anxiety and frees up energy for other things. In fact, much anxiety is caused when we repeatedly mull over things in an attempt to avoid making a commitment. Even if the outcome is uncertain, knowing that you have taken action can be gratifying.

Realize That Anxiety Is Normal

We all need to experience some anxiety in order to be motivated. Anxiety becomes a negative experience when it interferes with our ability to carry out daily tasks.