Self-Help Tools: Personal Concerns

Coping with Stress

Six Self-Help Suggestions

1. Take on a Coping Attitude

Although you are unlikely to change all of the problem areas in your life, you will always be able to control how you cope with them. A coping attitude focuses on the choices we have available to us, even if we choose to do nothing at all.

2. Learn to Learn

Understand that productive living is achieved through the application of living-skills, and all skills can be learned. Concentrate your efforts on learning new, positive skills.

3. Hear What Your Body Is Telling You

Physical symptoms such as headaches, back pain, and stomach irritation can be signs of chronic stress. Let your body be an HMO for good emotional and physical health.

4. Learn How to...

Use relaxation techniques meditation, imagery, and muscle relaxation can all help to reduce the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle. Choose a technique that fits you and be aware of its importance to your healthy existence.

5. Respect Your Feelings

Feelings can help guide and motivate us to change problem areas. Feelings deserve attention and validation.

6. Benefit from Your Thoughts

Thinking guides your behavior .Thinking things out helps us decide if and how we shall act on our feelings.