MyStudentBody Sexual Violence Course

Pepperdine is a Christian University committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values. One of these values is the recognition that every person is created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect. Sexual assault in all forms violates the sanctity of the human body and spirit and will not be tolerated within our community. Sexual assault is a violation of the University's standard of conduct for students, as well as a violation of the law, and yet, sadly, we know that Pepperdine is not exempt from having some of its students victimized in this way.

Pepperdine has taken great care in creating a comprehensive sexual assault policy that supports victims when a sexual assault occurs. For a full look at this policy, click here. The Pepperdine Counseling Center website also contains a significant amount of information about the issue of sexual assault and can be found by clicking here.

Some key components of the Pepperdine Sexual Assault Policy are as follows:

  1. Immunity for Victims - Pepperdine encourages the reporting of sexual assault. Sometimes, victims are hesitant to report to college officials because they fear that they themselves may be charged with policy violations, such as underage drinking at the time of the incident. To encourage reporting, Pepperdine offers victims immunity from policy violations related to the sexual assault.
  2. Immunity for Good Samaritans - Pepperdine encourages students to offer help and assistance to other students in need, both on-and off-campus. The welfare of students in our community is of paramount importance. Sometimes, students are hesitant to offer assistance to other students for fear that they may get themselves in trouble (for example, a student who has been drinking underage might hesitate to get help from Public Safety or an RA for someone who may be suffering from alcohol poisoning, or might be hesitant to provide important information about a sexual assault incident). Students who seek assistance for a student in need will receive immunity from alcohol policy violations related to the incident. This immunity from disciplinary action applies to both the "Good Samaritan" and the student needing assistance.
  3. Although sexual assault is NEVER the victims fault, there are things students can do to reduce their risk. Avoid being intoxicated and being around those who are. Communicate your wishes about sexual behavior clearly. Use the "buddy system" and make sure you do not walk alone on/off campus at night.
  4. Pepperdine students have Free and Confidentail resources available to them in the event that a sexual assault occurs.
  • Pepperdine Counseling Center, located on campus, can provide support and guidance to students who are the victim of a sexual assault. Their number is 310-506-4210 during normal business hours. In cases of emergency, counselors can be reached 24/ 7 by calling Public Safety at 310-506-4441.
  • Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center (SMRTC), located about 30 minutes away in Santa Monica, offers comprehensive medical and counseling services for victims of sexual assault The SMRTC's 24-hour hotline: (310) 319-4000. When contacting , please let them know if you are in need of transportation to and from the Center, as free options are available.

Instructions for taking MYSTUDENTBODY Sexual Violence Course

  1. Go to If you've already registered to use MyStudentBody, please skip ahead to # 8.
  2. Click REGISTER NOW to create your User Name. You will be brought to the First Time User Registration Page. Enter in WAVES as the school code.
  3. Create a unique username (up to 50 characters, including those used in email addresses) and password and enter them into the appropriate fields.
  4. Complete the rest of the fields, including entering in a required email address
  5. Mark the box to confirm you agree to abide by the Terms of Use.
  6. After creating your account, you will be asked some identifying information such as your name and year in school and some demographic questions. It is critical that you enter this information accurately, as this will be the only way the university can give you credit for completing the course!
  7. After completing these two pages of questions, you will be able to access all areas of MyStudentBody.
  8. Click on the My Stuff tab near the top of the page and select Take Now under the orange header labeled Essentials. Click on the START button in the Sexual Violence box.
  9. Answer the Rate Myself Assessment questions. This section will contain Yes or No questions and questions on a scale. After clicking Continue, you will be presented with feedback, which you can print by clicking the Print button at the bottom of the page or you can click Continue to move on.
  10. Answer the Pre-Test questions. This section will contain multiple choice questions to test your current knowledge of the topic of Sexual Violence. View your results and then click Continue.
  11. On the course material page, click on each article, tool, and video to view the content. When reviewing articles, please click on the Back to Course Material button to make sure you get credit for reviewing the item. After you have successfully viewed the content, the heading will become checked off.
  12. Students must review all required Sexual Violence course material before moving on to the post-test. Once you reach the post-test, contact your RA and he/she will provide with a paper-version of the post-test. You DO NOT need to complete the on-line version of the post-test. Once you complete your post-test hand it back in to your RA.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the Pepperdine Sexual Assault Policies and ways you can reduce your own risk and the risk of others.