FBM090 Analysis Cube

The FBM090 Analysis cube is a dynamic version of FBM090 FRS report (Monthly Statement of Account). This Cube displays current fiscal year 6-digit accounts balances grouped by pool codes, The Pool Codes are drillable (by double-clicking) see individual subcode balances.

Dollar amount fields like Revised Budget, true YTD_Actual, Prior-Year YTD Actual, Encumbrances and Balance Available are provided for easy drag-and-drop selections.

Rollup by Ledger-9 "FBM046_RESP_ROLLUP" is an added feature to the FBM090 reporting within this cube, a feature otherwise not found with the mainframe monthly FBM090 Departmental Financial Statements report. By using this feature, it is possible to quickly find out the financial status of an entire area of the organization.

Additionally, this cube in the data warehouse is updated daily to reflect changes occurring the previous night and can be automatically refreshed on re-opening or otherwise on an ad-hoc basis on the user desktop.

FBM090 Analysis Cube