History Balance 090 Analysis Cube

The structure of HistBal090 cube is similar to the implemented FBM090 cubes. The main feature of this new cube is a new time dimension called Proc_Month (Processing Month, as with month-end closing), with which a user can drilldown to select any month(s) and/or year(s) in the 5-Year period (currently going back as far as FY98). CM_ACTUAL and Perc% Used (possible for each of the 12 month-end balances in a fiscal year) are two new measures in this cube.

Each one month in a fiscal year displayed is a cumulative snapshot at the end of that month; no totaling by months is necessary but reflected under YTD_Actual and Bal_Available. (Exception: Project Year accounts' balances should be reviewed using the July year-end balance to flow from year to year.)

Resp_Rollup and Pool_Code drilldowns (to 6-digit account numbers and subcodes respectively) work the same as with the FBM090 cubes.

These HistBal090 cubes are updated once a month following month-end closing. (FBM090 cubes are updated daily.)

(Hint for end users: un-desirable sub-totals, e.g. by months, displayed after a drilldown expansion can be turned off by first selecting the cell containing this sub-total label, then right click to select Field Settings, then select "none" and "OK". Pivot rows/colmns as you please.)