Credit Card Reallocation


Instructor-led training is available for the reallocation process. Please visit Information Technology's Training Calendar to view and register for upcoming classes.

Billing Cycle

The billing cycle closes on the 25th of each month, unless the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday; then, the billing cycle closes on the following business day. Charges posted after the 25th will appear on the following month's statement. Cardholders are required to reallocate transactions to the appropriate chartfield string, using the credit card module in PeopleSoft, by the last calendar day of the current month. No exceptions will be made.

Transaction Visibility

After a transaction has been posted by the vendor, there is a two-day delay before transactions are uploaded to PeoplSoft's credit card module. Posting may be delayed by the vendor due to shipping delays or other circumstances. If your Financials or Proxy access has not been established, you will not be able to see transactions in the credit card module.


Reallocation can be assigned to a proxy. The cardholder may submit a completed University Credit Card Proxy Request form to the Accounts Payable Office to request that a proxy reallocate transactions for the cardholder.

Credit Card Activity Reports

University credit card holders can create reports on card activity based upon credit card number or department ID. 

Links to these reports are located under the Credit Cards heading on the FINANCE CENTER in PeopleSoft.

Disputed Charges

A dispute must be initiated within 45 days of the transaction post date.

Do not reallocate a disputed charge. Allow it to post to the default chart string. If a credit is issued as resolution to the dispute, the credit may also be allowed to post to the default chart string, thus offsetting the original charge. All other transactions must be reallocated.

Cash Advances (Corporate Travel Card Only)

A Corporate Travel card holder may take out an advance against his or her card. Finance charges may be incurred. The advance and associated finance charges must be reallocated.