Employee Reimbursements


Employee Reimbursements

  1. Click on the Travel and Expense Center in the Finance Center in WaveNet.

    Expense Center
  2. Click on Create under Expense Report.

    Expense Report
  3. Enter your CWID in the Empl. ID box.
  4. Click Add.

    Create Expense Report
  5. A new Expense Report defaults to a blank report. You may change "A Blank Report" to "An Existing Report" from the Quick Start menu.
    1. "A Blank Report" will allow you to enter in all information.
    2. "An Existing Report" will copy information from a previously submitted Expense Report. This information can be edited as needed.
  6. Fill out or edit all required fields marked with an asterisk.
    1. Note: You may choose how you will receive your reimbursement by selecting either Check or ACH from the Payment Type drop-down menu.
    2. Note: If you select ACH, the deposit will go into account #1 on the payroll direct deposit list.
  7. Number and combine all receipts into one pdf document using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI
    1. Note: If you need into install Adobe Acrobat Pro click here.
    2. Note: For instructions on combining receipts click here.
  8. Attach your receipts by clicking the paperclip. This will open the Requisition Attachments page.

    Requisition Attachments
  9. Click Attach.
  10. Browse for the file you created in step 7 then click Upload.
  11. Name the attachment using no more than 25 letters.
  12. Click OK

  13. Fill out or edit the information for your first expense.
    1. Note: Fill out expenses in the same order as the attachment containing your receipts. If the receipts are not submitted in order, you will be asked to resubmit them in order.
  14. Click the *Details link on the right.

    Expense Details
  15. Fill out or edit all required information on the Expense Detail page
    1. Note: The required fields will vary based on the Expense Type.
  16. Click on the Accounting Detail link

    Accounting Detail
  17. Fill out or edit the chartfields. If you need help selecting your chartfields, contact your supervisor.
  18. Click OK

    Accounting Detail  for Airfare
  19. Click "Check Expense for Errors". Any errors with this line will pop up in a box towards the top.
  20. If the line is free of errors, click "Return to Expense Report".
  21. To add another line repeat steps 9-16.
  22. When you are finished with your Expense Report you may click Submit to submit it for approval or click Save For Later


Notes about Mileage

If you select Mileage as the Expense Type, the Amount Spent is greyed out. This will be automatically calculated when you enter the number of miles traveled on the Expense Details page.

You may enter each leg of your trip on its own line or you may consolidate up to seven entries on a Mileage Log. If you choose to fill out a Mileage Log you will enter the total number of reimbursable miles on the Expense Details page and the Mileage Log much be attached to the Expense Report.


Last Updated: 10/14/2015