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Internal Requisition Process

The Internal Requisition application can be accessed at https://internalreq.pepperdine.edu.

The process to submit, approve, or deny internal requisitions for goods and services provided by internal vendors (other Pepperdine departments) is outlined below:

Submitting the Internal Requisition:

The system provides a form where the requester can:

    • select the internal vendor and the approver
    • specify the goods or services to be ordered, their estimated price and the due date, along with the accounting information, i.e. the chartstring, where the price of ordered items will be charged
    • validate the chartstring data against PeopleSoft Financials system.
  • Upon submittal, the requester receives a confirmation email containing:
    • a link to the web page where the requisition will be stored; the link ends with the number of the requisition
    • a copy of the data submitted in the form

Approving or Denying the Internal Requisition:

After the internal requisition submitted, the selected approver will receive an email containing:

    • a link to the web page where the requisition can be accessed and approved or denied;
    • a copy of the data submitted in the form

If the requisition was approved, then:

    • the requester will receive a notification email
    • the selected internal vendor will receive an email containing the link to the requisition and a copy of the form data

If the requisition was denied, the requester receives a notification email containing the link to the denied requisition, and the email address of the approver, in case more information is required.

Note: It is recommended that all parties retain the email notifications for their records.

For more information please contact Ileana Rizescu at 818-702-1379 or ileana.rizescu@pepperdine.edu

Last Updated: 12/02/2016