Meet the Associate Vice President and University Controller

Brian Thomason

Thanks for visiting the Finance Office website. My office, which is divided into eight departments and has approximately 45 staff, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the University, as well as handling the University's financial forecasting needs and tax compliance efforts.

I believe strongly in the educational enterprise. That's why I've chosen to work in higher education. I've seen how lives are changed and improved by education, and am excited to be a part of that here at Pepperdine University. I also believe that even though my office is a "back-office" service provider, we also have the ability to change students' lives for the better through the work we do and the people with whom we interact and support.

I need your help. Though it sounds trite and cliché, I believe that the Finance Office must be a customer-service organization. I have some good ideas about how we can accomplish this, but I also need you, our constituents, to tell me what you think it should look like, and how we're doing. In order for our office to be truly effective in moving the institution forward, we have to be willing to build partnerships with those that use our services, and for that we need your help as well.

My contact information is to the left of this message. I genuinely want to hear your thoughts about what we do, what we do well, and what we can do better. What should we stop doing? What services do you wish we provided? I hope you will reach out to me directly if I can be of service or help to you in your work. Thanks for allowing us to be part of the important work you do here for the University, and more importantly, our students.