Kronos Upgrade V7.0

Dear Pepperdine Community,

The Kronos upgrade to version 7 is now complete. You can access Kronos V7.0 at, or by clicking the Timesheet link in WaveNet. If you have Kronos bookmarked as one of your favorite sites, or if you have created a Kronos icon on your computer desktop, please delete, or you will be directed to the old Kronos interface. Then, clear your history. For instructions on how to do this, click here. Use the Kronos V7.0 address listed above to set up a new favorite site.

You will notice some changes in Kronos version 7.0. The core functionality of our system remains virtually the same, but the menu navigation is different. To familiarize yourself with Kronos' new look, please view the Navigation Video. You can also read new User Guides on the Payroll Department Webpage.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the upgrade, please contact the Payroll staff. Thank you for your patience through this upgrade process.

Pepperdine's Payroll Office

Contact Our Staff

Kimberly Hogan   (310) 506-4248
Payroll Manager

Cindy Pillsbury   (310) 506-6058
Payroll Specialist

Debbie Spadaccini   (310) 506-4429
Payroll Specialist

Patty Corica   (310) 506-4636
Sr. Payroll Specialist