How to Create a Requisition

You will need to submit a purchasing requisition for approval before the purchase of goods and services. Below are the steps on how to create a purchasing requisition.

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. Locate the Requisitions folder in the Finance Center. Click "Create/Modify Requisitions."

    Create Modify Requisitions

  3. Click "Add a New Value."

    Add a New Value

  4. Click on the search lookup icon. Click on the desired business unit. Click "Add."

    Business Unit.
  5. Navigate to the Recommended Vendor field. Click on the search lookup icon. Search and select the desired Vendor. NOTE: If you feel the need to specify the vendor address, click here to learn how.

    Recommended Vendor

  6. Next, search and select the Approver. This section appears with a default approver which will need to be changed.
  7. A very important step in the process is attaching the appropriate supporting documentation – such as quotes, proposals, or contracts which specify what is being purchased at what price and from whom. To attach a file, click on the Attachments icon in the upper right hand side of the page. Click "Attach." Click "Browse" to locate the file on your computer. Select a file. Click "Upload." Click "OK."  Please note that in order to successfully upload the file; the name of the upload file cannot exceed 25 characters.
  8. Next, move down to the REQ LINE section. Here you will need to fill out all required fields, which are identified by an asterisk.
  9. Fill in the *Category and *UOM fields by using the search look up icon to select the appropriate code. Enter in the correct number for *Qty and *Price. *Desc is the detailed description for your Requisition Line Item, which will be seen by the vendor. Along with any other pertinent information (for example: Who, What, When, Where, and Why).

    Req Line

  10. When the quote from the vendor has multiple line items, you will need to add lines on the requisition to mirror the quote. To add a line, click the plus button pointed out below.

    Multiple Line Items

  11. This action adds an additional REQ LINE and SCHEDULE below it. You will notice which line item you are viewing by the REQ LINE number displayed in the upper right hand corner of the REQ LINE box.

    Additional REQ LINE

  12. Next, we'll move down to the SCHEDULE section. Fill out all required fields. *Distribute by determines how the line is received, matched, and processed. Select Quantity for goods received. Select Amount for services rendered. *Due Date is the expected delivery date of the goods, or services to be rendered. *Ship to identifies the campus and *Location identifies the building and room.


  13. The next section is Chartfield Distribution. This is the university accounting system. We use it to indicate where the money will be coming from. Think of it as a combination lock. Each required field needs to be appropriately assigned in order to identify where to pull the money from.

    Chartfield Distribution

  14. After all required fields are completed, locate the checked Hold box at the top of the page. Uncheck it to allow for approval.

    Hold box

  15. Once Hold is unchecked, you must click "Save" to release the requisition for approval. A Req ID is generated. The Status will change from Open to Pending Approval.
  16. Once a requisition is fully approved, the Purchasing Office creates a Purchase Order which is then sent on to the vendor with our Terms and Conditions.