How to Specify a Supplier Address

When submitting a purchasing requisition, it may be necessary to specify an existing supplier's address. If the supplier has more than one address listed, note in the description field which address the check should be mailed to. If the supplier information needs to be updated, visit the How to Change an Existing Supplier page.

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. Locate the Reporting & Queries folder in the Finance Center. Click "Supplier Address."

    Vendor Address
  3. There are two options to search for existing suppliers using this query. By Supplier Name or Supplier ID. To search by Supplier Name, insert the wild card symbol (%) on both sides of the key word you wish to search. This allows for a result in all supplier names which contain that key word.
    • The search "%BALL%" would yield these results:
      • Malibu Ballet
      • Ball, Lucille
      • USA Volleyball

        Vendor Name
  4. If the supplier appears to have multiple addresses, specify the address for the check to be sent to.

    Multiple Addresses
  5. To specify the address, click the Edit Comments/Attachments link of the requisition.

  6. Enter the address into the *Comments" field of the requisition to notify Accounts Payable where the check should be mailed.

    Enter Address
  7. If you do not see the desired address, visit the How to Change an Existing Supplier page to add a new address.