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Finance Training

Welcome to the Finance Office Training webpage. The purpose of this page is to provide members of the community training on specific financial processes and system related functions that can assist with the business functions. For additional questions please feel free to reach out to the departments listed on the left of this message or click on the heading of each section below.

Credit Cards

Requesting a University Credit Card

How to Reallocate

How to Substantiate

How to Approve Substantiation

Employee Reimbursements

Employee Reimbursements Procedures

General Accounting

Account Ranges

Class Definitions

Chartstring Video


How to Approve an Invoice

How to Submit an Invoice for Payment

PO Activity

PO Activity Summary


How to Create a Requisition

Purchasing Tips & Tricks

Check the Status of a Requisition


How to Request a New Supplier

Supplier Lookup

Internal Request Form

        Internal Request Form Process

Recharges Web App

       Submitting Recharge Data


Requesting and Approving Financials Access

Merge Files-AP-Purchasing-CC and T&E

Clearing Cache

IT calendar for all training Classes

Simpler Reporting

Last Updated: 05/`01/2024