2017-2018 Important Dates

Spring 2017

January 3

Quant Camp Course (if required)

January 4

New Student Orientation

January 5-7

BSCI 650 Communications Workshop

January 9

Spring Semester Begins

January 16

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No classes, offices closed)

February 27

Last Day of Session A Classes

February 28-March 3

Full Time Students on Break (No classes, offices opened)

March 6

Session B Classes Begin

April 21

Last Day of Session B Classes

April 22


 Summer 2017

May 8

Session A Classes Begin

May 29

Memorial Day Holiday (No classes, offices closed)

June 23

Session A Classes End

June 26

Session B Classes Begin

July 4

Independance Day (No classes, offices closed)

August 4

Session B Classes End

August 5