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Full-Time Intent Spring

Notice of Intent to Enroll

Congratulations on your admission! To let us know your decision (enroll, defer, decline), complete the form below. If you plan to enroll, you must pay the Non-Refundable Communication Workshop Room and Board Fee. You will receive a summary email of the information you entered after you submit your completed form. 

International students: After you have submitted your notice of intent to enroll, follow the instructions for graduate students at http://www.pepperdine.edu/admission/international-students/new-students/graduate/i20checklist-grad.htm. Allow 2 weeks for the Office of Student Accounts to process your payment and the Office of International Student Services (OISS) to send you a Form I-20 . For inquiries about your Form I-20, call 310-506-4246 or write to oiss@pepperdine.edu.

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Yes, I plan to attend

I plan to defer my enrollment

      NOTE: this is for MS students only, BS/MBA and BS/IMBA are not eligible for
      this option

No, I am not planning to attend
Defer Instructions Thank you for your reply. You will receive further information this coming Fall. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Recruitment office at GSBMAdm@pepperdine.edu.
Please let us know your reason for not attending Graziadio:

Enrollment Requirement

Communication Workshop Room and Board Fee - The total Communication Workshop Room and Board Fee amount is $1000. This Communication Workshop Room and Board Fee is non-refundable.

Pay now: $
Select Payment Type (we do not accept credit cards)

(must have a U.S. bank account)
(must be in U.S. dollars)
Domestic Wire Transfer
International Wire Transfer

Your WaveNet status will be updated from Admitted to Intent to Enroll Received once your Notice of Intent to Enroll and payment has been processed.

Payment Instructions

  • Log in to WaveNet
  • Click on the Applicant Services link
  • Under "Finances," in "My Account," click the Make a Deposit link
  • Pay the total you owe as listed above
  • Personal Check or Money Order must be issued in U.S. dollars
  • Make check payable to "Pepperdine University"
  • List the CWID on the Memo line of the check or Money Order
  • Mail to the address below:
    Pepperdine University
    Graziadio School of Business and Management
    Attn: Carrie Gilchrist, Drescher Campus
    24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California 90263-4100
  • If paying by domestic wire transfer, please contact the Graziadio Student Accounts Office at (310) 568-5530 option 2 or e-mail GSBM.Student.Accounts@pepperdine.edu for the information necessary to make a domestic wire payment.

Step 1: Access Student Account Through WaveNet
  • Enter login information (Network ID, Password)
  • Determine how much you are going to pay on your Pepperdine student account
  • Temporarily enable pop-ups in your computers browser
  • Select "Make a Deposit"
Step 2: Get Quote
  • Select "International wire transfer" as your payment method
  • Enter foreign currency information (country and currency) and an exchange rate quote will automatically be generated
  • The exchange rate quote will be valid for 72 hours (3 calendar days)
  • PRINT OUT Western Union payment instructions
Step 3: Bank Transfer
  • Within 72 hours (3 calendar days), take the Western Union payment instructions to your local bank to authorize a bank-to-bank transfer
  • Your local bank will transfer the funds to Western Union’s local bank
  • Western Union will transfer U.S. Dollars
Step 4: Payment Finalized
  • Pepperdine University will post the U.S. Dollar equivalent to your student account once our bank receives the funds, typically 2-5 business days after you have made the payment at your bank
Note: If your country and/or currency is not available through this option, please contact the Student Accounts Office at (310) 568-5530 option 2 or e-mail GSBM.Student.Accounts@pepperdine.edu for other wire payment options.
* I acknowledge that checking this box and entering my name at the top of this form is the equivalent of my signature.