Course Registration

Steps for REgistration

Review your degree curriculum in the Academic Catalog and Degree Audit Report (found in WaveNet). By registering for a course, the student agrees to the policies and procedures outlined in the academic catalog.

Eligibility to register

You are eligible to register if you are academically and financially in good standing. If you have a hold due to financial obligations, you should contact the Student Accounts Office (310-568-2307) prior to registration. If you have a hold, you will not be able to register.

To review your 'To Do' list:

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click on the 'Student Services' link in the top right corner of the screen.
  • View the 'To Do' list on the right which will show you if you have missing information or holds.

view schedule of classes

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click on the 'Student Services' link.
  • Clcik 'Search for Classes'.
  • Select the appropriate 'Term' and hit 'Go.'
  • Select the subject, example 'GSBM-Accounting.'
  • Uncheck the 'Show Open Classes Only' box.
  • To search for classes at Drescher, click 'Additional Search Criteria' and under Location select 'Drescher Graduate Campus.'
  • Select 'Search' to view all courses.
  • Click the 'View All Sections' link in the blue bar.
  • For information about a class, click the section link (e.g., 1A -LEC(3026)).

create a wish list

  • Log in to WaveNet
  • Click the 'Student Services' link
  • Under Enrollment, click 'Wish List'
  • Select the term and hit 'Continue
  • Click 'Search'
  • Choose the course and click 'Select'
  • Verify the course, then click the green button
  • On the day your registration appointment opens, you can select your Wish List courses and register

REGISTER for classes

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click the 'Student Services' link.
  • Under Enrollment, click 'Add a Class.'
  • Enter the 4-digit class number in Enter Class Nbr section, click 'Enter.'
  • You can also search for a class using the 'Search' button.
  • On the Enrollment Preferences page, you can add more classes to your enrollment shopping cart.
  • You may now attempt to enroll in the class, or you can add more classes to the cart. Once you are ready to enroll, click 'Proceed to Step 2 of 3.'
  • Click 'Finish Enrolling' to confirm enrollment in the class. If you have errors, please make other choices and re-submit.
  • The 'View Results' page will display once you have confirmed your enrollment. Be sure to check this page for enrollment confirmation and any enrollment errors.

Please note:

You can only enroll in up to 18 units.

There are no wait lists.

Fully Employed courses only count as electives. Fully Employed students have first priority on Fully Employed classes, just as Full-time students have first priority on Full-time classes. Therefore, you could be dropped from a Fully Employed course at any time before the start of the term to make room for their students.

DROP a class

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click the 'Student Services' link.
  • Under Enrollment, click 'Drop Class.'
  • Check the box next to the class you want to drop.
  • Click the 'Drop Selected Classes' button.
  • Click the 'Finish Dropping' button.

VIEW your degree audit report (DAR)

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click 'Student Services.'
  • Under Academic History, click 'Degree Audit.'
  • Under the SECTION 2 - ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS REMAINING review the courses that you need to take. (Be sure to use your curriculum in the catalog as well.)
  • If you have a concentration, make sure you have completed all requirements.

It is your responsibility to take all courses needed to graduate.


  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click on 'Academic Resources.'
  • Go to 'Course Syllabi.'

If the syllabus you are trying to access is not on WaveNet, check back periodically. The syllabi could also be listed in your Sakai online classroom. If one is not posted before school begins, it will be handed out the first day of class. Most syllabi will not appear until about three weeks before the trimester begins.


Can be accessed through WaveNet (under Academic Tools) or directly here.


Books may be purchased online here or in the bookstore located on the Drescher Campus as available.

Address changes

  • Log in to WaveNet.
  • Click on 'Student Services.'
  • Click on 'Quick Links.'
  • Click on 'Update Address.'