Program Office Advisement Team

To foster academic success, we believe in a close partnership between advisor and advisee.

Kate Seamands

Kate Seamands

BSM and MBA (Last Name A - G), MSML and Online BSM (Summer)

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus
(310) 568-2376

My educational background is in Higher Education Administration. In my spare time I enjoy hiking with my dogs, practicing yoga, and exploring Los Angeles. I look forward to assisting you with your academic endeavors.

Tasha Bruner

Kandace Phyall

BSM and MBA, (Last Name H - M), and Online BSM (Fall)

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus
(310) 568-5637

My educational background is in Communication and Hospitality Management. I absolutely love to travel. Exploring new parts of the world allows me to learn and appreciate different cultures and cuisines. I enjoy reading and coffeehouse hopping in search of the perfect latte. I’m excited to assist you in reaching your academic goals.

Tasha Bruner

Tasha Bruner

BSM and MBA (Last Name N - Z), and MSHR

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus
(310) 568-5513

My educational background is in English, Psychology and Managerial Coaching. I love to travel, visit museums, read, meditate and all things tea! It is my absolute pleasure to assist you throughout your Business Program at Pepperdine.

Sangeetha Rao

Sangeetha Rao


Encino, Westlake, and Santa Barbara Graduate Campuses
(818) 501-1612

My educational background is in Clinical Psychology (Pepperdine alum), and I thoroughly enjoy working with students. I love baseball and hockey (Angels and Ducks are my favorite teams). I look forward to working with you on your academic journey at Pepperdine!

Tina Serasio

Tina Serasio

 BSM, MBA, and Online BSM (Spring)

Irvine Graduate Campus
(949) 223-2563

My educational background is in Administrative Justice and Business and Management. In my off time I enjoy yoga, hiking, photography and dancing. I look forward to assisting you while you pursue your degree.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Timely responses to your inquiries
  • Commitment to your progress and success in your academic program
  • Consistent communication of program policies, updates, announcements and deadlines
  • Professional integrity and sensitivity in our interactions with all students

What We Expect From You

  • Familiarity with GSBM/University references and guides (e.g., Academic Catalog, Student Program  Handbook, Community website) as they relate to your program
  • Consistent monitoring of your University email account for important communication from the Program Office and other departments
  • Timely completion and submission of action items requested by your advisor or other members of the Program Office staff •Active engagement in your academic planning and educational experience
  • Respect and courtesy in your interactions with all GSBM and University representatives