Can a student enroll in classes at another campus?

The MSML program is based at the West LA campus so students should anticipate taking the majority of the classes at West LA. If a class, such as BSCI 650/651 or OTMT 678, is offered at another regional campus, students have the opportunity to enroll in the course.

What order should the courses in the MSML program be taken?

Please refer to the MSML Curriculum Worksheet

What is the (E2C) Education to Community Capstone Project?

The (E2C) Education to Community Capstone Project is a two-term pro-bono consulting engagement with a non-profit organization. This team project begins in OTMT 672 where students learn how to lead change through a consultative approach. The project is completed in OTMT 679 during the last term. The E2C Capstone creates a real world learning experience where students integrate and apply theories, frameworks, and learning from across the MSML program.

How do student teams secure a non-profit for the E2C project?

Student teams choose the non-profit organization they wish to work with based either on team member's recommendations or from a list provided by the MSML Program.

Upon completion of the MSML program, how many additional units are required for the Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) program?

A student may waive up to 5 units from the FEMBA program (BSCI 650 and BSCI 651) if a grade of B or better was earned in the MSML program. If the student pursues the Leadership and Managing Organizational Change concentration in the FEMBA program, the student can waive an additional 14 elective units and complete the program in 33 units. If the student wishes to pursue a different concentration then it would be 47 units to complete the FEMBA program.

Please check your Academic Catalog for a complete list of policies.