Behavior Workshop FAQ's

Do I have to attend the workshop?

Yes, the attendance and successful completion of the workshop is mandatory for you to continue the program.

Where will the workshop be held?

Every effort is made to hold the workshop at a hotel that is located in close proximity to the West LA campus. Various factors-hotel availability, rates, faculty availability, etc.- can influence the workshop location, but it will typically not be more than an hour's drive from the campus.

Where can I find details regarding my workshop location?

The workshop is usually held within the general area of the West LA campus. After you have been enrolled in the workshop, Pepperdine will reserve a hotel guest room on your behalf for Wednesday and Thursday night. A reservation confirmation will be sent to your Pepperdine student email account.

What type of expenses will I be responsible for covering?

Students are responsible for covering certain meals and any incidentals. Upon checking into your hotel room, you will be required to provide a payment method for these expenses. Meals covered by Pepperdine during the workshop include dinner on Wednesday, breakfast and lunch on Thursday, and breakfast on Friday.

How long is the workshop?

You will begin on Wednesday evening, continue all day Thursday, and usually end by noon on Friday.

If I live close to the hotel, can I go home?

No, the experience requires all students to remain on-site for the entire duration of the workshop.

When do I make a reservation?

Unless otherwise told, sleeping room reservations for your workshop will be made on your behalf, for a single room. Your confirmation number will be sent to your Pepperdine email address, via Sakai, by Monday of the week of the workshop. You are required to provide the hotel with a credit card when you check-in.

What if I am told that I have to make my own hotel room reservation?

If you are asked to make your own reservation and fail to do so, you may not have a room at the hotel. Failure to secure a room in the hotel, or not attending the entire weekend for any reason, will require that you drop the Organizational Behavior course. Check Sakai for your e-room reservation instructions.

What do I need to do if making the reservation is my responsibility?

If you are asked to make your own reservation, you must call the hotel and provide a credit card number and expiration date to create a new reservation. Each student, whether sharing a room or not, must provide this information. The hotel will NOT charge your credit card to make the reservation. You may designate a different payment method when you check-in and will only be charged when you check out. Should you drop the course, and fail to cancel your reservation, you will be charged.