Counseling Services

Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology manages three counseling clinics, which offer support to students and external communities. The clinics are staffed by graduate-level psychology trainees, under the supervision of licensed psychologists. The clinics offer a wide range of high quality, affordable psychological services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, as well as couples and families. Evaluations and therapy plans are specifically tailored for each individual client. 

Counseling services is an excellent source of support in learning to balance the heavy demands of graduate school along with employment, and can provide guidance in stress management, improve well-being and help with relationships.

Counseling Clinics

To contact the clinic, please call the clinic closest to you, or if you're interested in more information on the services offered at each location, please click the site location below:

West Los Angeles Tel: 310.568.5752  Directions
Encino Tel: 818.501.1678  Directions
Irvine Tel: 949.223.2570  Directions

Once you speak with someone at one of the clinics, you will be scheduled for an intake appointment, which is by phone. Based on the information given during this initial assessment, recommendations for the most appropriate assistance will be made.

Business Hours

To accommodate our clients' schedules, appointments are available during the day and evening hours, Monday though Friday.


The cost for students is $25 for an initial evaluation and $15 for ongoing appointments. Fees for clients that are not current students are based on a sliding scale (between $15-$90) according to annual income and number of dependents. 

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at the Malibu campus provides free, confidential services for all Pepperdine undergraduate and graduate students, including individual, couples and group counseling; walk-in consultations; and psycho-educational outreach planning. For more information, please visit the Counseling Center or contact the Center at 310-506-4210.