Entertainment Discounts

Several entertainment discounts are available to you as an employee of Pepperdine.


Discounted movie passes are available for purchase to Pepperdine students, staff, faculty and alumni with a valid Pepperdine ID card. Click on the link to learn more! 

Amusement Parks

Would you like to visit Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, SeaWorld, or Six Flags? Make the most of your time in Southern California with these special offers for Pepperdine students, staff, faculty, and alumni available at OneStop.

Other Discounts

Get discounted rates for flowers; restaurants; concerts, sports, and theater events; and salons through Pepperdine University's OneStop.

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Only[BROKEN LINK]

The Equity Office offers entertainment discounts to the occupants of 6100 Center Drive.  http://www.equityoffice.com/socal_attractions/

Pepperdine Special Activities

Discounts and free tickets to Pepperdine special activities are available to employees and their families to specified campus activities at reduced rates or at no cost upon presentation of the employee's staff ID card.

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