Tuition Discounts

University employees and their families are eligible to take advantage of the world-class education Pepperdine offers. Learn more about eligibility, tuition discount levels, and reciprocal programs below.

For employees

Tuition Remission
Eligible employees and their qualifying members who apply and are admitted to study at Pepperdine University will receive discounts in tuition charges

Space Available
As an employee of the Graziadio School, you may be eligible for an additional tuition reduction on a space available basis in the Graziadio Business School's fully employed MBA and BSM programs. 

For children and other family members of employees

Tuition Benefits for Dependents of Disabled or Deceased Employees
If an employee under the employee tuition remission program has served the University for three years or longer becomes permanently disabled or dies while an employee of the University, any dependents of that employee will be eligible for full tuition benefits in the undergraduate divisions of the University, provided such dependents are twenty-five years of age or under on the last day of registration.

Reciprocal Tuition Remission Agreement among Christian colleges
Pepperdine University has entered into an agreement with eight other senior colleges affiliated with the churches of Christ. The agreement provides qualifying children of eligible Pepperdine employees with 50% tuition remission at one of the other participating institutions.

Tuition Exchange Program
The tuition exchange program is a reciprocal program for children and other family members of eligible faculty and staff employed at over 560 participating institutions. For complete information about this program, click the above link.

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