Technology Services


Q. What are the P and S drives?

A. The P” drive (aka Home drive) is a 10GB storage space provided to all staff and full-time faculty where you can securely save work related files.  This location (P drive) is accessible only to the user and is backed up nightly.  The “S” drive (aka Group/Departmental/Shared drive) is a 20GB storage space where department can save and share work related files.  Each group share is accessible only by that department unless authorization is granted to others by the department director.

Q. How long should I keep files on the P or S drive?

A. Record retention can vary by file type (i.e. contracts, evaluations, etc.) or department.  If unsure please check with your supervisor.

Q. I have files I only use once a year or are needed as reference, do I have to delete or archive them?

A. Use good judgment when deleting files.  Our main objective here is to have school resources available in case of hardware failures or other disasters.  If you departments would like to archive files onto a USB Drive or DVD, please contact me for assistance or questions.

Q. What are the benefits of using the network storage-P or S Drive?

A. Data security, data backup, data integrity, access to data anytime, anywhere and business continuity.  The potential for hardware failures steadily increases so be reassured by having your work files safe and backed up nightly.

Q. I don’t see my P or S drive.  What should I do?

A. Your P and S drives are mapped (connected) when you login to your computer on campus but sometimes that connection is broken.  You can manually run the login script by manually running the login scrip - \\alder\netlogon\kix32.exe or by connecting to each separately location by name:

  • P drive - \\naswla01\USERNAME
  • S drive - \\naswla01\groups

Q. Can I access or backup myP and S Drive files from home or other off-campus location?

A. Yes.  You can use Cisco VPN.  More information here

Q. Can I use Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or other for backup?

A. While “cloud storage” has its place, especially for personal files, saving University information off-site is not wise and contrary to the network usage policy.