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There are two (2) ways to access the P: or S: drive from outside the Pepperdine University Network

Method 1: Using the Pepperdine Remote Access Server and

Method 2: Connecting directly to your office computer (requires VPN).

Method 1

Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection

Enter into the computer field.

 To allow access to your hard drive or local printers, click the “Show Options” button then

“Local Resources” tab

 Click the “More” button to select access to the C:\ drive. This will allow easy and seamless transfer of files between your computer and the remote access server.

 Click “OK” and return to the “General” tab to save the changes or use “Save As” to create a shortcut on your desktop.

 Connect to Remote Access Server

Method 2

Click Start >> All Programs >> Cisco >> Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (Cisco Client can be downloaded here.)

Enter and click Connect 

Login with username and password

Successful connection 

Use the P and S Drive Fix shortcut to connect network shares (only available connected to VPN) 

Or Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Run command (only available connected to VPN) 

Allow the scrip to execute – click Run 

Check Computer to ensure you have access to network drives