Project Timelines


Production Estimates

Production time varies depending on the services requested. The following estimates provide guidance and are representative of general project categories. Please note that the estimates begin on the day the content is received and close on the day the product design is approved.

Project Time Estimate
Photography One Week to Assess Availability
Press Release/Media Two Weeks
Social Media Two Weeks
Email One - Three Weeks
New Website Section Four -  Five Weeks
Website Updates to Pre-existing Content One Day - One Week
Print Ads Four - Six Weeks
Digital Ads Three - Six Weeks
Video Eight - Twelve Weeks
Marketing Plans Four - Six Months
Event Marketing Four - Six Months
New Program Launch Six - Eight Months
Brochure Four - Eight Weeks
Flyer Four - Six Weeks
Collateral (poster, banner, display, etc.) Four - Eight Weeks
Presentation Three - Six Weeks

Get Started 

Marketing and Communications Project Request forms must be filled out for all programs and projects in order for Marketing to track and deliver against requested expectations.

Our team will respond to all requests within three business days from the date of submission. The project owner who submits the request form is responsible for providing the requested details. If any requested information or supporting content is missing, the project will be delayed.

Once Marketing receives the completed request form (including any corresponding content that is required with the requested project), a representative will work directly with the project requestor to communicate all project details including timing, budget, and creative. Since numerous stakeholders can be involved in a project, we will work with the project requestor and it will be his/her responsibility to obtain all necessary stakeholder feedback and communicate that to Marketing throughout the project.