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Public Relations Promotion

Press Release

A press release is a written communication that is distributed through a media wire service for a fee. Press releases report specific but brief information and, due to the cost and nature of the media interaction, are reserved for significant university news such as an increase in rankings, a large event, a new program launch, or other big news. Press releases are meant to generate interest, publicity, and attract prospective students and corporate partners, and are picked up by media outlets that find the information compelling enough to cover or feature in their publication. 

Press releases follow a strict format and serve the following marketing goals: 

  • To notify the media about an event to share with others 
  • Share important information about the university for reporters and outlets to write a story or share the information
  • Promote the university’s successes, milestones, and positive news on the internet (e.g. university rankings, hiring DEI staff, 50th-anniversary event)

News Release 

A news release is a short written communication that shares exciting information about university faculty, smaller events, university offerings, etc. News releases are often shared out through our public relations team with a select number of reporters and outlets that would potentially be interested in the information. 

News releases can be a cost-effective marketing tool to gain attention around an announcement or exciting information. Goals of a news release include: 

  • Alerting the media
  • Sharing official information with the intention of reporters possible writing a story or sharing the information with their network 
  • Promoting brand awareness and identity

Newsroom Post

Pepperdine Graziadio’s Business School Newsroom features posts that highlight faculty, student, alumni, and school news. Graziadio’s online newsroom functions as an online press room for reporters, journalists, faculty, students, alumni, and others to stay up to date on Graziadio news. 

Newsroom posts allow the university to gain attention and website visitors, organically and share information. Newsroom post help: 

  • Draw media attention and serve as a resource for journalists and reporters 
  • Build brand awareness and spotlights Graziadio faculty on their accomplishments, research publications, media interviews, published op-eds, and more

Media Advisory

A media advisory only provides basic information to increase attendance at an event. The media advisory is shared with reporters and invites them to attend and cover the event. Media advisories include the five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why).

For consultations to discuss ideas or promotional support, please reach out to Hillary Doran, director of brand marketing.