Website Strategy and Best Practices

A major goal of the 2014-2015 website redesign is to make sites prospect- and student-friendly and help all users locate information easily. Content reduction and reorganization is intended to achieve the following:

OU Troubleshooting

Widget vs. Snippet

Widgets can be text, calendar, button, toggles, multimedia, tabs, photo slideshows and carousels. A widgets can be edited in one place, but display on multiple pages.

Snippets can vary from content layout and grids to features such as pull-quotes and images caption hovers. Snippets are added to an individual page and are unique to that page. They are good for one time use of a provided layout.

For further training guidelines please visit Web Resources at Styleguide.[BROKEN LINK]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Command/Control + S: Saves the content
Command/Control + K When selecting text: Insert/Edit Link
Command/Control + 1/2/3/4: Sets the paragraph/line as Header 1/2/3/4

Page Will Not Publish

Make sure you check the page out before updating the page properties, and then make sure to click the save button at the bottom of the properties page before you update.

Images Will Not Display

First try to publish out the image in OU Campus. When publishing a page that you have placed new uploaded images on you can publish them as well at the same time by checking "Include Unpublished Dependencies" on page publish.

OU Login Access Denied

If you have not had OU Campus training for the new redesigned sites yet then please sign-up for a training and you will be granted access once you take the training.

If you have had training and are having trouble logging into OU Campus please make sure you are trying to acces it from a page that you should have access to in your section. If the page you are trying to edit is checked-in by another user please contact them directly to check the page back in or contact your site administrator.

Content Title Missing

If you do not see you page's content title check-in the page in OU Campus and click on the Properties link to edit. Edit the content title field and make sure the Display Content Title is checked as well.

If you want your content title (h1) to appear below your first section of widgets then uncheck "Display Content Title" and insert the text at the top of the regular edit area. Then select the text and change the paragraph drop down menu to Heading 1.

Best Practices

Better “Way Finding”

Helping users find the content they need. Clear and consistent terminology should be taken into consideration. Naming conventions implemented in navigation, call-to-action buttons and text links should match content titles and clearly inform users where they are and where they're heading.


Editing existing content to get our point across as quickly as possible. Photos and headers can break up longer chunks of text and make a page easier to navigate.


Getting rid of content that is no longer needed. If old files and folders still exist in the site directory, Google can find those pages and produce them in search results regardless of whether or not these pages have content or are linked within the site. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the continual deletion of old content/files/pictures/folders continue.