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Assessment at Graziadio

Each degree program at Graziadio has specific Program Learning Outcomes for students. Assessment is the systematic process of evaluating and measuring student performance in each of the knowledge areas outlined in the Program Learning Outcomes. 

Utilizing LiveText Graziadio has a systematic process for assessing student learning at the program level. Faculty apply standard rubrics to course assignments and program committees review the aggregate results. Assessment of student learning is intended to inform a process of continuous curriculum improvement and also demonstrate accountability to students, accreditors, and other stakeholders. An effective and sustainable assessment process requires engagement from a broad base of faculty.

What is Assessment

Assessment seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Did students learn what you wanted them to learn?
  • How do you know?
  • What are you going to do to improve student learning based on the answers to the first two questions?

Learning outcomes in all programs and schools at Pepperdine University are aligned with the mission
and vision of the University and are the standards by which student learning is assessed. The Graziadio School has five levels or dimensions of learning outcomes.

  1. At the highest level are the Institutional Educational Objectives which are defined within the framework of the core commitments of the University (knowledge and scholarship, faith and heritage, community and global understanding) and the institutional values (purpose, service, and leadership).
  2. These are then further defined and specified in the Graziadio Learning Objectives.
  3. Within each program there are broadly defined Program Learning Goals (think: what do we want students to be when they graduate?).
  4. Each Program Learning Goal is further specified as one or more measurable Program Learning Objectives (think: what do we want students to do or make, how will they demonstrate their knowledge?). The Program Learning Goals and Program Learning Objectives are collectively known as Program Learning Outcomes.
  5. Finally, each course has Student Learning Outcomes which should align with one or more of the Program Learning Objectives.

Graziadio Assessment Committee Charter

The Graziadio Assessment Committee is responsible for the effective assessment of student learning at the Graziadio School. The committee develops and implements assessment processes in accordance with the WSCUC Accreditation Handbook and the AACSB Standards for Accreditation. These processes include regular assessment of program learning outcomes, regular assessment of WSCUC Core Competencies, and the completion of annual program assessment reports. Additionally, the committee follows the guidelines and processes set forth in the Pepperdine Program Review Handbook. Committee membership ideally consists of one representative from each program, the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, and the Associate Director of Accreditation and Assessment.

Graziadio Assessment Committee Membership

Name Program
Charla Griffy-Brown Chair
James Berneking Vice-Chair
Jim di Lellio BS in Management
Owen Hall Fully Employed MBA
Lynda Palmer Online MBA
Bernice Ledbetter MS in Management and Leadership
Steve Rapier Full-Time MBA
Mark Allen MS in Human Resources
Agus Harjoto MS in Applied Finance
Don Atwater MS in Global Business
Erik Krogh MS in Applied Analytics
[vacant] Executive MBA
Bill Smith Presidents and Key Executives MBA
Julie Chesley MS in Organization Development
Nancy Dodd Graziadio Business Review
John Mooney University Academic Council