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Faculty COVID Testing Requirements

Testing Expectations

ALL faculty will participate in the University’s routine screening testing starting in Spring 2022.  

Routine Screening Test: A PCR COVID-19 test that is self-administered at all five Pepperdine campus locations. The test doesn’t need to be completed in advance of class. It can be completed at any time during the week (Monday through Saturday) a faculty member will be accessing campus for that week. For instance, if a faculty member has class on a Friday they can complete the test anytime during that week (Monday through Saturday).

For the weeks faculty will not be accessing campus, faculty will complete the Routine Screening Testing Exemption Form. Faculty may complete the exemption form ahead of time for multiple weeks at a time or on a weekly basis.  Please note faculty are required to complete the screening test or exemption form for each week to be in compliance with the screening test requirement. 

Faculty Testing Positive for COVID (On-Campus Testing)

If during the past 90 days you received a positive COVID-19 test result from Pepperdine's weekly screening testing program (Swabseq UCLA), you will be automatically exempt from any further testing requirements by the University during that 90 day period and should not receive a reminder or a weekly invitation email.

If you have a positive test result within the past 90 days that is from a source other than Pepperdine's weekly screening testing program (Swabseq UCLA) and which has not been reported to the University, please report this by completing the following linked START Form.

As soon as you get a positive test result, you must isolate yourself, regardless of vaccination status (refrain from going to campus or class, or otherwise interacting with other people).

  • The University’s contact tracing team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
  • If you are faculty or staff, isolate at your home, and notify your supervisor.
    Additionally, if someone needs to report that they filled out the START form but still had an issue (or report any other issue related to the testing process), they should contact the COVID line at (310) 506-8111 or email covid19testing@pepperdine.edu.

START Form for Self-Reporting COVID-19 Positive Cases and Exposures (Off-Campus Testing)

Faculty should use this START Form to:

  • Report a positive COVID-19 test result taken anywhere other than at the Student Health Center or a Pepperdine screening test site. Do NOT use this form to report positive cases identified through a Pepperdine weekly screening test through UCLA/SwabSeq or a test through the Student Health Center (these positive cases have already been documented University officials). 
  • Self-identify as a close contact if exposed to a COVID-19 case and if not yet contacted by University contact tracers. (Remember, close contact is defined as being within six feet of a positive case for 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period.)

EXIT Form for Release from Quarantine and Isolation

When you qualify to end your quarantine or isolation period, you should complete the EXIT Form. This communicates to the University you have met the qualifications to exit and are leaving isolation or quarantine. If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at 310.506.8111 or covid19info@pepperdine.edu.

Reimbursements for COVID Testing

International Class Sessions:

  • Faculty and staff who were required to pay for a COVID test to enter and exit a foreign country can submit these expenses for reimbursement with proper receipts. 

Domestic Class Sessions:

  • Faculty and staff attending a domestic class session should use the University's routine testing protocol, which is free to employees and students.
  • {Entry testing for MSOD ONLY}: Reimbursement will not be provided for COVID testing when teaching domestically; however, there are off-site options available that offer free testing. 
  • Faculty and staff who choose to pay for a COVID test for domestic class sessions may NOT submit these expenses for reimbursement.

Student Testing

Student testing requirements are different from faculty/staff requirements. Questions related to student testing should be directed to the Program Office.