Kronos Timekeeping

What is Kronos?

Kronos timekeeper is a web-based time and attendance system that helps ensure accurate recording of your time worked as a supporting faculty member. After reading the following information, you will be able to log into the system, enter time worked, transfer from one job to another, review and approve your timecard.

Accessing Kronos

Using your Internet browser, go to  Save this link in your favorites for future use.  Use the same username and password that you use to login to your computer (your network ID).

Kronos can also be accessed by signing into Wavenet and clicking the Timesheet link at the top.



Navigate Through the System

Never use your browser buttons to navigate through the system.  Instead, use the navigation buttons within Kronos.  Always remember to hit Save to save your work.  The system will time out after a certain period of inactivity, so remember to logout properly at the end of your session.

Enter Your Time

Login to Kronos. My Timecard view will appear for the current pay period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering time, Kronos defaults to AM unless otherwise specified except for the time range of 12 Noon to 12:59.  This time range is always considered PM.  To type 5:00PM, you could either enter military time (17) or type in “5p.”

Review your schedule. If there are changes to the scheduled hours or hours need to be entered, simply complete the columns indicated below (In/Out/In/Out).

; Hit "Save" to show cumulative totals in the right column.


Transfers - If you teach more than one class on-campus:

Transfer codes are used to distinguish between multiple jobs.

If you teach more than one class on campus, you will need to select the correct job from the Transfer drop-down list for the secondary class.

If the class doesn't appear in the list, click on Search to select it.


In the Select Transfer window that opens, the jobs / accounts are listed.


Click the plus sign (+) next to each applicable sequence (pep/dept #/pay group/job code/ID #) in the hierarchy until you locate your ID number with a blank box next to it. Click in the box to select it, click OK and save your work.

Note: Employees with multiple jobs worked on the same day need to enter a transfer for each job.


View a Different Date in Your Timecard

You can change your timecard date selection by clicking the drop-down next to Time Period and selecting a different time period.  You can select a specific range by selecting the last option Range of Dates.


Approve Your Timecard

In My Timecard, make sure you are in the correct Time Period.  Click on the Approvals link located at the top of the timecard and select Approve.


The deadline for approving timecards is Monday at 10 A.M. following the pay period end date. If you are accessing your timecard on Monday, you will need to select Previous Pay Period from the Time Period drop down list.


Log Off the System

Always remember to hit the Log Off utility link, and then completely close out of your Internet Explorer browser window.  It is important to open a brand new Internet Explorer browser prior to your next login to Kronos.


For Additional Kronos / Payroll Information

Go to the Payroll Website:

Biweekly Payroll Schedule:

Contact your Supervisor

Contact Payroll at extension 4636