Professor Reviews

No doubt, as you approach the start of your fall courses, you will feel anxious to get the inside scoop on your professors - how they teach, workload, communication styles, industry experience vs. academic focus, etc.

While all of Graziadio School faculty are experienced as professors and have industry experience (to varying degrees), each understandably has a unique style that may or may not fit your learning style.

As your Emerging Leaders, we want to suggest a few resources that may be helpful in navigating future class registrations, seeking out opportunities to meet with faculty and making the right decisions that will help you sooner become acclimated to the Graziadio School culture.

Meet the Graziadio School faculty here.


Recommendations from Students

By far, the Emerging Leaders collectively feel that this is the best resource for evaluating professors. A face-to-face-to-face conversation with a student typically generates the most honest opinions about workload, clarity and helpfulness. Easiness is relative, so take their input based on how their skills compare to yours. One person's favorite professor might not be the right fit for you.

Professor Recommendations

Other professors might have some special insight when it comes to matching your learning style. Also, a professor might be able to help you better line up your course objectives with your career interests. Their professional opinions of their peers might point you in the right direction.