Using WaveNet

WaveNet is a tool that allows students the freedom to become their own academic advisors. Anything you want or need to do is done through WaveNet. The resource is available to all students, using the same login information as one would use to check their University email. WaveNet allows a student to register for classes, check their grades, get course syllabi, determine their progress towards obtaining a degree, check the status of financial aid and tuition due, drop a class, check email, log on to the academic resources (library, blackboard, and Sakai), get news updates from around the university, and so much more.

Below is a run-down of the more important basics of the tool. If you have any questions feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at (310) 506-HELP. Please note that Safari is not completely compatible with the WaveNet software. We recommend using a different browser.

WaveNet Tutorial

Checking E-mail

Once the University has issued a username and password, you can check their email by going at On the top right corner, there is an e-mail tab. This tab takes you to your e-mail inbox.

Useful tip: When composing an e-mail, once you have opened a new message, you can click on the "To:" word and a destination look-up window will appear. This will allow you to look up the email addresses of people in the University by their name, position, or partial name.

Registering for ClassesObtaining Course Syllabi

You can use what is called a "Wish List" to add all of your classes to a preparation folder before your enrollment period. Say, for example, you want to take Marketing 605, section 14. You can "Select" this class and then click "Next." This will be added to your wish list. The wish list enables you to save all these searches so when your enrollment appointment is open, you do not need to start this process over from scratch.

Once you have your classes in the "Wish List", all you need to do is wait for your online appointment. Once your appointment has begun, go to the student services tab and click on the "Wish List" tab. Your classes should be listed there. All you need to do is select your choices, and add the classes.

Warning: Many classes will fill up before you get a chance to enroll. Be sure to have a back-up plan.