Living Off Campus

Living off-campus might be a less expensive option to student housing. It will certainly be roomier, though this will require you to commute to campus. The beauty of Pepperdine's campus is almost (but not quite) obscured by its after-dark isolation, and you'll find that most of the Graziadio School's nightlife takes place on the Westside (LA), a 20-30 minute drive from Malibu.

Off-campus Neighborhoods

Most Graziadio students find themselves living in one of two main areas: The Valley or the Westside.

The Valley is the familiar term for the San Fernando Valley, a sprawling flatland of suburbs. Graziadio School students tend to live in the western part of this area, such as Woodland Hills, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Calabasas. You may find rent to be cheaper, and the summer temperatures more than you bargained for.

The Westside refers to a variety of neighborhoods west of the 405 Interstate. These include: Santa Monica, Venice, West LA, Brentwood, Century City, and Westwood. Most Westside neighborhoods are affluent and have a range of restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. The Westside of Los Angeles offers a cooler climate, though you'll find this area less affordable than its valley counterpart.

Hannah Plaxen, MBA '12, offers some great insight on off-campus life and commuting here.

Apartment Searching

A few resources for students searching for off-campus housing:

  • - A free map-based search for home and apartment rentals with real-time updates and a simplified application process.
  • -  A free resource for local apartment rentals. You might find your dream guesthouse here.
  • - Quality listings, but at a fee. Do a partial search to see if it's worth the investment for you.
  • - No explanation necessary.

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