Parking at Pepperdine

Contrary to other schools, parking at Pepperdine University is remarkably easy, and if you can believe it, it's free. The only requirement is an official parking permit/sticker that must be placed in the lower left corner of your front window. When you pass the entry gates, slow down, since the attendant will check that you have a valid permit in your car.

Apply for a permit and register your car here.

To register you will need email address, license plate number, and mailing address.

  1. Enter "Pepperdine" as Parking Destination
  2. Hit "Apply"
  3. Fill out all the forms using your Pepperdine ID.

There are several large parking lots right in front of the Graziadio Business School and in general, you should always find a free parking spot.

Learn more about parking at Pepperdine.