Career Resources

The Emerging Leaders recommend you to connect with your Career Services advisor as soon as possible! This resource is in place to help identify your strengths develop a strong strategy for your and the potential positions that are suited for you, you sooner start pursuing your future as an MBA. 

The Graziadio School provides you endless resources to help you build your network and identify/strengthen your personal brand, including:

  • Mock interview preps 
  • Resume critiques
  • Webinars
  • Career fairs
  • Industry panels
  • Networking events

Click here to visit the Graziadio School's Career Services page.

To Do List

  • Order your nametag and business cards as soon as possible. You'll need them. Talk to your advisor for details.
  • Update and perfect your resume. 
  • Make yourself searchable and available. Subscribe to the Graziadio School's social media networks, and build a strong LinkedIn profile.
  • Take advantage of as many events as possible. Networking is not an option.