Graziadio Veteran's Business Society

The Mission of the Graziadio Veteran’s Business Society is to support military veterans through outreach, camaraderie, mentoring,and networking to enhance veteran success in graduate business studies in order to promote the GraziadioBusiness School throughout the military community

The purpose of the Veteran’s Business Society is to enrich veteran experiences at Graziadio as a means of promoting Pepperdine throughout the military veteran community. The society serves as a structured association for supporting the unique needs of those who have served or are serving in the armed forces as they transition into graduate business programs at Pepperdine University. The society fosters relationships between veterans throughout the various business programs, as well as to veterans in the Graziadio Alumni Network, as a means of offering guidance and mentorship to veterans in the process of career transition. Working closely with Graziadio Recruiting and Graziadio Student Ambassadors, the Veteran’s Business Society serves as a valuable resource for outreach to future veteran students. Ultimately, the society enhances success of veterans in Graziadio as a means of promoting the business programs to future veteran students.