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DelylaDelyla Majeedian


Delyla Majeedian is a full time MBA student at Pepperdine University concentrating in marketing and pursuing a SEER certificate. As a true Los Angeles native, she attended college close to home and in 2013 graduated the University of California, Los Angeles to earn her Bachelors of Arts degree. As a first year student at Graziadio, Delyla spent her time as the Director of Special Events at the Universities Net Impact Chapter and Vice President of Events for the Graziadio Entertainment Society. As a second year student Delyla currently holds the position as the President of the Entertainment Society and Director of Alumni relations, Student Government. During her time at Pepperdine, she has gained tremendous experience in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, leadership and analytical skills. After graduation, she looks forward to leveraging her background in business development and sales to break into the entertainment industry or brand management. During her free time, Delyla enjoys traveling, hiking and cycling.