2017-18 MGBS Candidates


The Role: The MGBS President will engage in a number of public speaking activities including alumni board meetings, Pepperdine's Alumni Leadership Council meetings, board of visitors and scholarship events. The MGBS President shall also oversee the coordination of orientation with Emerging Leaders and MGBS, coordinating all feedback to administration.

The Candidates: 



Charchil Shah

Platform: I along with you all shall be working very hard to achieve the following:-
1. Achieve "3 Is" - Inclusive Governance, Involved Community and Informed Students.

2. Implement simpler systems in-order to make student experience enriching.

3. Work for employment focused networking for the Diverse Population.

4. Create Pepperdine GSBM one big happy family with lots of positivity

Bio: Charchil Shah is a full-time MBA candidate at GSBM pursuing his second masters degree. Since several years, Charchil has been working to bring positive changes in various facets of life with his mantra of "Touching and making lives of maximum people around him better ". He received his Bachelors and Masters degree in Business and Commerce from India's globally accredited Ahmedabad and Gujarat University. Pursuing the Indian CPA has afforded him with strong financial and analytical skills. With his work-experience in assurance, venture capital real-estate finance makes him a finance enthusiast. Charchil has also served the Government of India as a public-policy researcher and a change-agent. At Pepperdine, Charchil has been an active member of Finance club, C4C and entertainment club. He has always ensured presence at most of the College social events and build great connections. With his recent role as an University innovation fellow at Stanford University's d.School, representing Pepperdine, Charchil is running for the President of GSBM, in-order to leverage his work experience, ethics and education for the betterment of the school.







Jack Sherrer

Platform: I hope to unite our diverse student body by fostering an enhanced sense of community in Malibu. We must ensure that everyone's voice is heard, because we each bring our uniquely valuable experiences to make this University all that it is. Anyone who knows me will attest to how incredibly approachable and respectful I am. I want to be your representative to our administration, and I want secure our sense of family at Pepperdine. By leveraging our diverse student body and alumni network, Pepperdine can become a place to not only take classes but to also offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for professional and personal development that transcends the classroom.

Background:  I love and have an immense care for Pepperdine. Since joining the Pepperdine community in 2010 as an undergraduate, I have had the pleasure of working with administrators, faculty, staff, and most of all, students. I have worked in IT departments within both Seaver College and the Pepperdine Law School. Through my employment, I have been able to connect with the many different parts of our University to make relationships centered on finding solutions to problems. My most notable leadership experience as an undergraduate was serving as treasurer (1yr), president (1yr), and later North American Ambassador (1yr) for my service fraternity. During my leadership, the organization was transformed from the 2nd lowest ranking at the school to the top chapter in North America in 2015. Beyond Pepperdine, I have served on the Board of Directions for a nonprofit, Pedaling for Kids, for the past five years as the Director for Corporate and Foundational Fundraising.




Luther Tarver-Burks

Platform: My name is Luther and I am running for MGBS president because I am devoted to creating action plans for every student to gain the maximum return on the investment that they made to attend Graziadio. There are 3 ways we can work together to increase the value of our degree. First, we must begin by improving the benefits we receive each time we enter the classroom and we will do that by creating focus groups that will ensure students are getting what they want and need from each class session. Second we must focus on building the resources we have for our career development which will include student lead interview prep and job search workshops. Lastly, we must play to Pepperdine's strength which will be to engage our large alumni network. We need to develop more comfortable, natural, and exciting networking opportunities and we can do this by having clubs with the alumni for weekly game nights and recreational sports leagues. Just Imagine if you got your next job while bonding over one of your favorite hobbies. We made a big investment in our future by choosing to earn our graduate degrees at Pepperdine and we must always remember we are worth the investment. So if you Know Your Worth, let's make the most out of this together.


Vice President *VACANT ROLE*

The Role: The primary duties of the Vice President shall be to assist the President in executing any and all activities associated with MGBS. Specific duties of the Vice President include oversight and management of the day-to-day relationship between MGBS and all student clubs, interest groups, and committees.

Director of Alumni Relations

The Role:   The Director of Alumni Relations will coordinate with administration to facilitate networking activities between current Graziadio students and Graziadio alumni. Duties include: Maintain frequent communication with the Graziadio Alumni Network and promote future alumni relationships for graduating students.  

The Candidate: 



Benjamin Petersen

Platform: Creating strong connections between alumni and students so when you leave you never have to say goodbye

Bio: Benjamin was born and raised in Loveland, CO and enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and recently surfing. He served onboard the USS Nimitz CVN 68 (aircraft carrier) with the security forces team to protect the ship and its assets. He graduated from Colorado State University where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. Throughout his education and career, he has learned core skills with programs such as MySQL, SQL Server, R, and much more. He has used his expertise in these systems to assist the Division of Vector Borne Diseases at the CDC to achieve their mission through the use of Microsoft's SharePoint services. As a veteran of the United States Navy he has taken his commitment and attention to detail and applied it to his professional life. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University at the Malibu campus.


Director of Communications

The Role: Specific duties of the Director of Communications include: (1) Working directly with the various clubs and interest group Presidents to make sureMGBS is coordinated with club and interest group activities, facilitating communications when possible, (2) Weekly newsletters and other Email distribution, and (3) Social networking tools (e.g. Facebook, Instagram).

The Candidate:

samanthaSamantha Norton









Director of Finance

The Role: The Director of Finance acts as a liaison between clubs and administration for all reimbursements. The MGBS Director of Finance is not responsible for managing club budgets; rather, acts as a point person to ensure proper documentation is in order and submitted to administration for each club.

The Candidates:



Shu Zhan
Platform:Running for the VP of Finance, I have a passion for serving all club leaders and letting the leaders have a better understanding of their club budget. To achieve this goal, I would like to have a planning meeting with all club financial director at the beginning of the semester. I will prepare written documents about the reimbursement process and other related budget questions. Second, I would like to create a google doc for each club. So, the club leaders can access to their own file and find out their current balance. In addition, I promise for the next year:

  • To account every transaction correctly and in a timely manner
  • To budget very well and inform everyone properly
  • To be responsible and trustworthy
  • To have a good time working with all clubs.

Bio: My name is Shu Zhan, a first-year MBA student and I'm running for the VP of Finance. My background is finance and I'm good at financial budgeting and planning. I'm currently the President of Christian Business Society and Senator of Student Life for MGBS. Last year I helped with Diwali and End of Semester Party. To be a VP of Finance, I'm willing to cooperate with all club leaders and school to set a properly projected budget and assist club leaders in all the reimbursement processes. I believe my finance background and my accountability are suitable for this position. Please vote for me and thank you very much.



Zuo Zhou
Platform: At the very beginning when I came here, I deeply felt the pressure of uncertainty and cultural shock. But with the help of this great community, I was able to adjust quickly and merged into this diverse culture. I realize the significance of this community to student life at Graziadio and am inspired to contribute. So I am running for the director of finance. And here are my perspectives for this position:
1. Coordinating with club leaders to confirm budget for each club.
2. Providing financial support for each club organizing events.
3. Communicating with club leaders and informing the status of their budgets.
4. Working with other members in MGBS and facilitate the process of certain initiatives which benefit the whole community.
Bio: Zuo Zhou is a 20-month MBA candidate at Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management. He received a B.S. maijored in bio-technology from Shanghai Ocean University, China. Upon graduating from SHOU, he joined one of China's major chemical manufacturers and focused his career on international trading. Later he joined an education organization and initiated his own English education program aiming to improve practical language skills of middle school students. Since the start of his MBA journey, he is the VP of Communication for Asian Business Club and have helped to organized multiple social and professional events including Panels with Asian Entrepreneur, ABCs Mixer with USC & UCLA, Speed Networking, etc.. 

Co-Directors of Student Life (2 Positions will be elected)

The Role: The Co-Directors of Student Life will work closely with Club Leaders, the Director of Communications, and the Vice President to help develop opportunities for on and off-campus social activities, coordinate all community-building activities between international and domestic students, and promote co-sponsored events and activities.

The Candidates:



Mengchen Du

Platform: My name is Mengchen Du and I am now running for the Director of Student Life. During my time studying here, I have involved myself in many events to network and get inspiration. I find that networking is an important part of life. Now with the position in MGBS, I want to bring more international students to involve themselves and enjoy events here. I will work closer to you, listen to what you want, and promote students' desired events by connecting with clubs and our school. Hope to make you enjoy the school life.

Bio: Mengchen Du is a 20-Month MBA Candidate at Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business Management. Before studying MBA, she worked in banking industry in China. Now she is active in school activity. In addition to running MGBS position, she is a member of CMC Advisory Board, Entertainment Society, C4C, Finance Club, and Christian Business Club.






Abdel Maach