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Active Scrolling Text Getting Started

Welcome to the CSS / JavaScript Scrolling Text Function

Getting Started

The Scrolling Text function is capable of scrolling any HTML content including text and images. Styling, Sizing, Scroll Speed and Page Pause are set by setting the values of a series of parameters. With Configurator tool setting the parameters is easy. Simply select and the settings you require and the Configurator will provide you with the code to copy and paste into your page.
The Easy Way to Add Scrolling Content to your page.
The quickest and easiest way to implement the scrolling text function within your page is to use the online configurator tool. Here you enter the content that you would like to be scrolled, select the various settings from the drop down lists and click the submit button. The configurator will then provide you with the HTML code that you then add to your page (ie. Copy and Paste).

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Once the HTML coded is added to your page upload the two files "jpscroll.js" and "jpscrollhere.js" to your web server placing them in the same directory as your web page. These files can be found in the same directory as this GettingStarted document. These two files contain the CSS and JavaScript code necessary to operate the Scrolling Text function. They should not be modified in any way.
Advanced Users
If you have a good understanding of HTML and wish to set the parameters of the Scrolling Text by hand then rather than use the Configurator Tool you can also construct the parameter list yourself. The documentation provides a full parameter reference and describes the effects in more detail.

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Usage and Licensing
You may use the Scrolling Text in either Free or Licensed mode. In Free Mode a small link to the JPowered site will appear at the bottom of the page. Licensed Mode - Upon purchasing a license you will be provided with a license key. This will set the scrolling text to operate in licensed mode and there will be no requirement to link or place any reference to the JPowered site on your page.

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If at any stage you require assistance, help or advice then please feel free contact us via our support pages at:-

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