Credential Programs

At Pepperdine University, a central mission is to link knowledge and research on education with innovative efforts to improve teaching and learning in our schools. The credential programs offer:

  • Professional training in diverse, multicultural settings in Southern California, allowing students to encounter a broad range of district policies, curricula, and socioeconomic settings.
  • The opportunity to study closely with scholars who are experts and leaders in their fields.
  • Professional programs where students benefit from faculty research, and programs are designed to help candidates translate current research findings into professional practice.
  • A strong grounding in academic disciplines that emphasize the concepts, methodology, and current findings of the disciplines fundamental to specific credential programs.
  • An immediate opportunity for students to practice and test instruction in their own classroom or school settings, under the guidance of school personnel and University faculty.
  • Small classes for individual attention in instruction, field placement, and field supervision.
  • Information sessions offered by the Pepperdine's Admissions Department are helpful to those students who are interested in applying to a credential program.