Sexual Harassment Training

Adjunct Responsibilities

Pepperdine University is committed to providing a campus free from all forms of sexual harassment. In keeping with this commitment, the Equal Opportunities Office have instituting a web-based interactive education and training program to inform the Pepperdine community of their responsibilities with regard to the prevention of sexual harassment.

All employees, including adjuncts, are required to complete the training every 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

(From the test's introduction pages)

Why am I taking this course?

You are taking this course because you were identified as a supervisory employee or another employee legally required to undergo training. Under California law, employees who have the responsibility to assign, direct, reward or discipline others are defined as "supervisory employees" that are required to be trained to recognize and address illegal workplace harassment. For these purposes, both exempt and non-exempt workers can be supervisors.

Why are people taking this course outside California?

In addition to the specific sexual harassment laws enacted in California, the U.S. Supreme Court and other state legislatures and courts emphasize the need for employers to take preventive steps in order to end sexual harassment in the workplace. Many employers consider the training mandated by California necessary to minimize liability and maximize productivity, so this course is frequently required even for supervisors and employees located outside of California.

What if I already took a class like this?

Because California law requires that supervisors receive training in sexual harassment prevention every two years, we know you may have received prior training in this area. However, the law is dynamic, complex and ever-evolving, and this course includes new cases and up-to-the-minute fact patterns. The course is self-paced so you can move quickly through areas that you are familiar with, but be alert for new developments.

Is my score being recorded?

Your score is not being recorded. You are encouraged to guess and to read the explanations for all questions, even the ones you answer correctly. This is not a graded course; there is no minimum score needed to pass, but you do need to complete the course.

How It Works 

An email will be sent from the vendor, Workplace Answers, with a personalized link to the training. It is recommended that the training be completed as soon as possible. The vendor will send reminder emails until the Equal Opportunities office determine that too much time has passed without a suitable response, and the training request needs to be elevated to the relevant Associate Dean's office for follow-up.

The Pace Meter (from the training pages)

Although this course is self paced, you are required to spend a minimum of two full hours learning the course content. In order to gauge your pace against the time requirement, a meter is displayed in the navigation bar as a "heads up" display of your training speed.

The Pace Meter

If you would like to see a precise measurement of the time you have spent in the course, move your mouse over the meter below and click it.

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Adjuncts are reminded that it is Pepperdine Policy to send emails to the Pepperdine account. It is your responsibility to forward your emails to the home account, if this is your primary one. Pepperdine, and GSEP are not responsible for any consequences that result from an adjunct failing to respond to important university notifications.