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MFT Practicum Preparation

How to Apply for an MFT Intern Registration Number
After your master's degree is posted, you will be eligible to begin gaining the post-degree hours of supervised experience that are required for the MFT license. To count these hours, however, you must be registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. This memo will take you through the process of filing for your Intern number.
Memo for Prospective Graduates

Search for MFT Practicum Sites via PepPro:
PepPro is a web based job search engine that includes MFT practicum sites. Although this web based practicum search will be helpful in introducing MFT students to the practicum sites, we encourage students to work closely with the Clinical Training Coordinators. You can sign into PepPro via Wavenet.

Annual Career and Practicum Fairs:
The Career and Practicum Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with a number of potential practicum supervisors and speak with them about the nature of their agencies. This is a great way for students to effectively introduce themselves to a great number of agencies all in one place, all at one time.

Preparing for Practicum Meeting:
Once you have completed/enrolled in all of the prerequisites for Clinical Practicum, you need to attend the Practicum Information Meeting (the term prior to Clinical Practicum). You will receive information on agency openings, required paperwork, and other Practicum requirements. These meetings are open to students at all Pepperdine graduate campuses, so if you miss the one on your campus you can attend a meeting at a different campus. You can also contact us to schedule a makeup meeting.
Practicum Information Meeting Schedule

Practicum Mentor Fair:
We hold the Practicum Mentor Fair each year. Check back soon for information about this year's! Come meet students who are trainees as some of the most popular practicum sites to hear about their experiences!

Intern Registration Meeting:
This meeting is for individuals who are on the MFT track and are in their last term. The Intern Registration Meeting will provide you with information regarding how to close out your MFT trainee hours, how to register as an intern, as well as important job opportunity information.
Intern Registration Meeting Flier
Intern Registration Packet

Practicum Site Presentation:
Get the inside scoop about the practicum sites currently accepting trainees at this presentation! The presentation includes the strengths and challenges of each site and feedback from past students on their experiences.
Practicum Information Meeting Schedule

New MFT Student Open House:
The New MFT Student Open House is a great opportunity to get to know the Professional Development and Clinical Training Coordinator at your campus and your fellow students in an informal setting. Come with your questions, leave with answers and goodies!
New Student Open House Flier

New MFT Student Meeting:
As a new MFT graduate student, the anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming venture you have committed yourself to can be quite overwhelming. Our New MFT Student Meeting will help ease that anxiety, as it will familiarize you with the campus and faculty, and give you the opportunity to meet other new students.
New Student Meeting Flier

Pepperdine Paperwork due 1st Week of Practicum:

Practicum Student Paperwork Due Last Week of Practicum:
(forms pertinent to all MFT evening programs)

Miscellaneous BBS and Pepperdine Documents: