Student Employment | The Hiring Process

We strive to make the hiring process as straightforward an easy as possible, but there are certain guidelines that are important to follow in order to be in compliance with federal law and University policy.

The process:

  1. Find a job (either using PepPro or by communicating directly with a staff or faculty member) and accept it. PepPro, is GSEP’s employment-listing site and can be found under your “Student Center” tab in WaveNet.
  2. Confirm that the staff or faculty member has completed the Direct Hire Agreement or reported the hire in PepPro to begin the hiring process.
  3. Register for a New Student Employment Orientation from the available GSEP Student Employment Calendarprior to your start date to complete important federal government and University paperwork, including
    • Form I-9: Please bring the following original, unexpired document(s) with you to complete your paperwork; you can bring one selection from List A or one selection from List B along with one selection from List C: Acceptable Documents for Form I-9. Many students choose to bring either a current Passport or a driver's license and a social security card. NOTEWe CANNOT accept photocopies of any of these documents.
    • Form W-4
    • GSEP Student Employment Policies
  4. Once you have attended the New Student Employee Orientation the hiring process can be completed.
  5. You will receive a Welcome Email notifying you that your hiring process has been completed. This email will serve as your notice that you may begin working for the University as well as additional important information for you. Please remember that you cannot begin working for the University prior to receiving this e-mail.